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Automated Assessment Delivery for a Talent Management Innovator


The customer is an innovative psychometric testing technology and business solutions company that delivers tens of thousands of assessment every year. Its customer base includes Fortune 500 companies and regional enterprise customers that require high quality and high reliability assessment software for various talent management applications that include talent acquisition, talent development, learning, and succession planning among others.


In the past, the customer has relied heavily on customization of open source technology to power its service engines, but it was facing multiple challenges related to the slow development pace, the limited support of the developer community and the complexity of delivery using incumbent and outdated technology.

There was another challenge that was related to auto-scaling of resources for concurrency of hundreds of thousands of connections.


Badgewell suggested a new end-to-end solution based on a modern MEAN technology stack. MongoDB and Node.js offer a perfect backend for fast prototyping without much consideration to the data models that can evolve based on the customer needs. Node.js is among very few asynchronous development environments. This, being a major differentiator, gives Node.js an edge over other languages. Being asynchronous means that it need not wait for a module to be successfully executed before loading the next one. Such execution drastically reduces the downtime for the web app and makes for a seamless user experience. 

The asynchronous nature of Node.js with JavaScript V8 Engine gives Node.js a remarkable execution speed along with quick startup time. Since Node.js is event-driven, it doesn’t block requests to finish existing ones.

The solution used Angular 2.0+ as a front-end technology, which is suitable for both web and mobile applications.


The new solution offered much higher server performance for thousands of simultaneous connections. The solution gave the customer full control of the product roadmap and feature release plan. The modern solution architecture makes it easy to host the service on any of the primary cloud service providers or host it on-premises as an alternative.

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