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Custom Software Development

Talking about custom web application development, we mean a whole range of distinct services. They include enterprise and customer research, design wireframing and prototyping, architecture planning, frontend and backend coding, optimization, maintenance, DevOps, and so on.

Short term outsourcing is for situations where you need an extra specialist for only a short period of time – a few months or quarters. We can help you out here by providing a specialist or a small team to work on your project so you could get back on track.

This model provides you a fast and flexible solution but may be a bit more expensive than long term outsourcing models.

Short term outsorucing can be 10-30% more expensive than hiring an FTE but it pays off if software development cycles are hectic or deadlines are close.

Feel free to check examples of the most demanded services in our web app development company. And don’t forget to contact us in case you need something unique – we surely can check your requirements and propose suitable solutions.

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