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Web Application Development

Being a custom web app development company, Badgewell is constantly striving to deliver remarkable results to startups, small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Custom web app development services constitute the bulk of Badgewell’s services offering. Most of the projects that we have implemented in their entirety, or have just taken part in implementing for clients around the world are web application development projects. We prioritize the context an needs of the end-users, developing robust and scalable web solutions that eventually provide an excellent user experience.

Successful Web Application Delivery Methodology

For nearly 10 years, Badgewell has been mastering the art of developing web applications. In our web development process, we have used and continue using a host of technologies, which allowed us to gain insights into the pros and cons of each of them in specific contexts.

Besides, our team has always taken pride in its commitment to every web development project they take, at that meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and app users. We ensure that applications we build perform equally well across different devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Among the scores of our projects, there are several ones that are conspicuous for both the scope of the related development effort and the extent of the implementation challenges they posed. Our most large-scale web app development project has been ongoing for over 5 years. No less than 10 Badgewell software engineers have been involved in this project during the different stages of its implementation.

Our Approach to Web Development

From the earliest stages of the web-based application development process, the Badgewell team clarifies the specific goal of the project, validates the relevance of the client’s vision and expectations, and defines the strategy. The Agile methodology is exactly what helps us with that and allows our clients to monitor our status, set the priorities right, and propose any changes they find necessary.

We believe bespoke web development services delivery should be the main concern of the software development company like ours. Thus, we take a personalized approach and use advanced methodologies and modern web technologies when working on our projects, enterprise web app development inclusively. On several occasions, for instance, when developing a revolutionary video conferencing application for one of our clients, we successfully implemented totally innovative and challenging functionality using custom approaches and techniques.

Several years ago, based on Badgewell’s own development experience and that our engineers had acquired elsewhere, we carefully selected several programming languages to form the backbone of our Web technology stack. We have been building upon our knowledge of this stack ever since and can now be confident in saying we have the ultimate proficiency in using it.

At present, our main web technology stack consists of a wide range of technologies including the following:

  • PHP
  • React.js
  • Python
  • The MEAN stack
  • .NET

Find Your Web Development Team

Due to our principal delivery model being Staff Augmentation, most of our web developers are senior software engineers, whose web development experience ranges from 5 to 10 years. This allows us to tackle and successfully deliver even highly demanding projects, as well as take part in project recovery efforts on behalf of our technology partners and clients. If you are seeking to employ the services of a web application development company, Badgewell is the right partner to approach. We are skilled, professional, dependable and always eager to help.

Are you in need of quality custom web app development services? Our team at Badgewell can provide you with that. We would be happy to discuss your idea and together create a web app that can bring genuine value to its users.

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