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Cloud Computing

Businesses riding on the wave of undergoing technological advancements have better chances to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the modern world. As a software development vendor, Badgewell sets a high value on the comprehensiveness of our technology stack and the range of services we provide. Therefore, cloud computing solutions have become an integral part of Badgewell’s core offering.

It is extremely important for us to be able to deploy the most efficient cloud computing resources to the benefit of our clients. Besides, we have years of experience, programming knowledge, and technical skills that allow us to assess actual resources, performance, and uptime, and come up with a sustainable cloud solution inducing your business growth.

We stress that the benefits of cloud computing services can make it easier for you to align your IT infrastructure with the needs of your business. Relying on cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), our team will help you reduce software development costs by up to 30-50% ensuring the high level of security and reliability.


Our tech consultants will hand-pick the best-in-class cloud technologies and put their experience to use to give you support in developing the right cloud infrastructure for your business. From a simple “lift and shift” to the migration and modernization of the whole applications and systems — Badgewell will elegantly move your workloads into the cloud to save you money and increase your agility.

Cloud migration

Cloud-based application development opens up the possibility to move away from large on-premises databases. It creates multiple advantages and not only in terms of potential performance optimization but of risk avoidance as well. Migration to the cloud allows growing an IT infrastructure in the most economical and secure way.

We will select the most suitable migration method and provide support for it. The cloud computing best practices and your project requirements are the two beacons that our decision is always based on.

  • Scalability from on-premises to the cloud – the workload of existing infrastructure is increased without performance sacrifice.
  • Improved agility with IT resources – it will take less time to respond to rapid changes in technology resources.
  • Full migration support – our team will take care of all the hard work, the setup and maintenance of your new cloud solution.

Serverless computing

With serverless applications, you will save your time and money. Serverless computing is one of the key cloud application development services that allows abstracting away operating systems, servers, and infrastructure. It means that the process is being simplified for developers who no longer have to manage physical servers themselves.

AWS Lambda and Azure Functions enable storing code in a third-party cloud and running it without having to worry about provisioning, scaling, or maintaining your own servers. The cloud service provider automatically provisions, scales, and manages the infrastructure needed to run the code. Thus, you will only pay for the time when the code is run.

  • Higher availability – a serverless approach makes your infrastructure ready to handle the burst of data coming in over your network.
  • Enhanced productivity – the chosen cloud provider will help you manage infrastructure and developers will be able to focus on delivering value to your business.
  • More efficient resource utilization – improve the efficiency of your resource utilization minimizing the time and effort invested in infrastructure management.

Microservices deployment

Monolithic architectures are a source of risks for application availability. Meanwhile, microservices repeatedly prove beneficial, given the dynamic nature of cloud software development. Moving to the cloud with microservices, in turn, results in greater flexibility and shorter cloud application development time. Badgewell will help you make the adoption of microservices as smooth as possible.

  • With a dynamic cloud – based microservices architecture, the development team improves its agility and accelerates the speed of app development and delivery. Microservices are relatively independent entities, which allows releasing and testing one thing at a time.
  • Workload scalability – independent microservices are scaled up on-demand, while microservice architectures enable responsive scaling based on the load.
  • Architecture composability – building microservices allows breaking the monolith into pieces so that each piece can be addressed separately when the corresponding changes are needed.
  • Freedom to choose the language – building microservices using Docker containers, developers have the freedom to program with those languages that suit best. No need to write everything in one language.


There are more than enough reasons for businesses to adopt cloud computing. Generally, however, the core benefits of cloud development, or software development in the cloud, can be reduced to improved management, optimized time-to-market, and reduced costs.

Perfect resource management

With cloud computing technologies, you are spared the burden of managing the underlying hardware and software. Instead, highly automated management of resource pools, resources, and other configuration changes occurs in the cloud significantly streamlining your business.

Accelerated time-to-market

Cloud computing promotes a culture of experimentation where ‘failing fast’ is an inherent part of continuous learning, integration, and delivery. New features are delivered on-demand, so the cloud capabilities allow coming up with the updates fast and instantly testing their efficacy.

Improved return-on-investment

The price-performance ratio is the primary point of consideration when you choose to start working in the cloud. In addition to optimizing the vast majority of processes, cloud-based application development can also result in increases in the cost-efficiency. So, eventually, you’ll enjoy a higher ROI.


We have the capabilities to handle the integration, infrastructure planning and development, updating and monitoring of the platform.

Our team will work with you to configure, optimize, and upgrade your cloud infrastructure.

We will also provide you with everything you need to ensure the most powerful, secure, and scalable environment for your cloud application development project so that you can focus on your business!

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