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The database technology is the foundation for every software project and the database technology choice is an important determinant for an effective software delivery project. At Badgewell, we rely on multiple database technologies to deliver optimal customer experience. Among the database technologies we support are MS SQL Server, MongoDB and MySQL.

  • Developing a high performance big data engineering pipeline for our European consultancy. We have used Microsoft technology stack, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft PowerBI in Azure Cloud.
  • Developing a Learning Experience & Online Education Platform Solution. We have used MongoDB to deliver this project, implementing the highly challenging project with fast prototyping and short software delivery cycle with excellent quality.
  • Developing an Employee Experience & Engagement Solution for a Middle Eastern Startup. We have used MongoDB to deliver the project and skillfully delivered a scalable and adaptable architecture and data model.
  • Developing an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for a Canadian Enterprise Customer. We have used MySQL to deliver the project to implement a highly structured data model and a sophisticated multi-tier security model and a scalable modular functionality that integrates marketing, sales, CRM, operation and finance into a single solution.

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