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UI/UX Design

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. At Badgewell, we apply a full range of UI/UX services to build efficient customer retention strategies and help brands create genuine, human-centered identities that engage, excite, and build trust. We push brands to define their image with UI design services and make an enduring impact that drives and inspires users with UX design services. Yet, providing an extensive set of UI/UX services, Badgewell can cut delivery times by a third — or even in half. Showcase your brand and exceed user expectations with our UI/UX design services.

As a software development company delivering UI/UX design services for web and mobile app development solutions, Badgewell believes an app design is an integral part of any digital user experience and is often pivotal to the success of a solution with feature-rich functionality.

Benefits of Designing with Badgewell

The very nature of a number of major projects Badgewell has implemented has allowed our design team to gain precious experience in making major and intricate functionality easy-to-use. Thus, in addition to always having an appealing visual layout, the design solutions we deliver are always user-centered, highly usable and intuitive. In particular, Badgewell’s specialists can offer the following benefits to businesses:

Effective communication and a full understanding of the client’s goals
The development of a design concept and information structuring
Collaborative decision-making that is driven by a user-centric approach
Project-specific designs
Prototype-based UI/UX design development

Our UX/UI Design Process

The Badgewell’s design team always makes sure that the UX/UI design process for each client follows the standard multi-step process of researching, iterating, and testing. Thus, prior to formulating the UX/UI design concept for an application, we make extensive research into the nature of the clients’ business, their business needs and processes. On several occasions, in order to do this more efficiently, our designers are interviewing our clients in person during on-site visits. This is the first step of the design process the Badgewell team follows creating a design capable to deliver expected business results to clients and give end-users a pleasurable experience. These are the stages we go through on the way to clients and users’ maximum satisfaction:

  • Research
  • Usability testing
  • User journey mapping
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • UI/UX designing and redesigning
  • Product launch
  • Support and assistance during back-end integration

User Centric Product Design

While our portfolio contains many projects that were challenging from the point of view of UI/UX design, the following of them are the most illustrative of our ability to successfully implement extremely complex things in an easy-to-use fashion:

Implementing a mobile Real Estate Appraisal application for a Western real estate agency. In addition to making the whole of the app’s complex functionality easily manageable by the user, we have rendered easy-to-use the functionality related to lengthy must-have documents that are completed by realtors on the fly. Another formidable UI/UX challenge solved by us was implementing the app’s touch-drawing capability.

Implementing the UI/UX design of a mobile major warehousing solution we have developed for a Scandinavian client. The several challenges solved by us included a large number of user roles, a large number of sectors and product categories, numerous usage scenarios and a barcode-based search.

Implementing the UI/UX design of a GPS-powered mobile app for truck drivers, which was part of a solution we have taken part in implementing which on behalf of a Western-European client. We have implemented the complex route-planning functionality of the app in a very user-friendly manner.

Why you should work with our designers

When implementing UI/UX concepts, we use various design approaches and methodologies. Our broad experience in making designs intuitive allows us to look at the tasks an application is intended to solve through the eyes of our client’s different business stakeholders. As a company interested in delivering advanced software design solutions, we factor in a diverse array of important criteria that range from the sequence of actions of a certain user to their level of clearance and various possible usage scenarios. We transform the intricate business logic of an application into an optimal sequence of steps that allow a specific user to solve a task most promptly and efficiently.

If quality software design services and UI/UX expertise are important for the success of your application, Badgewell can offer you everything a well-seasoned design company or a professional UI/UX design agency can, and perhaps even more. We are always prepared to go that extra mile to make your software easy-to-use and looking great.

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