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UI/UX Design Process

UI/UX design services include two critical aspects: user interface and user experience.

The user interface or UI is all about the visual look of your application or website. All your customers interact with the same interface that acts as a bridge between people and your services. Users interact with the software through interfaces, so it’s essential to make everything beautiful, clean, simple, and understandable. Our UI/UX design studio knows how to create cool interfaces.

User experience is a more comprehensive term that includes UI. It focuses on general interactions, ways in which customers access your solutions, move through them. Robust UX design helps you to guide users, ensure that they can find what they need quickly and smoothly. UX things are unique for each user. Hence, you want to keep experience responsive and personalized.

Overall, our UI/UX design company often combines these two parts as they’re highly interconnected. You can get various tasks completed by our team of professional designers.

Discovery phase

Discovery is a preliminary phase in the UX design process that involves researching the scope and problems. The very first step is to define your requirements and the purpose of your project. Various types of stakeholders’ interviews allow our UI design company to get all the necessary information to start working. Here, we analyze the key business objectives of the organization, individuals, or teams. Another area of analysis is data and insights about how problems affect users, as well as the solutions users have already tried.


After defining needs and goals, we start transferring received business and technical requirements into a future product. Thus, you get user stories, user personas, and storyboards that help to understand user experience better and align it with the products/services. Such boards are available for each use case, so you can be sure of user-centered design. At this stage, the main goal is to finalize future views of how the product will work and describe all the related processes.

UX stage – functionality

The next step is to provide actual UI design services. Firstly, we create specific blueprints or skeletons of your solution: UI/UX wireframes. These screens include simple blocks without graphics. They help to combine all elements to show basic structures. As well, you can get design prototypes through an additional stage. Prototypes are simulations of real products, they show how a site or an app works, how the final design flows.

UI design – visuals

Further, we add visual elements and interactions to wireframes. At this stage, you can get UI design mockups with fonts, styles, and corporate identity to check how your solution will look and feel for users. Also, we apply animation to interface to make the product stand out as much as possible and improve the products’ usability within the animation. After all visuals are approved, we collect all of them in the UI Kit – UX/UI document that describes all contents of the system, their style, and behavior. This document allows us to transfer designs for further development faster and easier.


You can request any changes or updates to the presented UI/UX design prototypes and mockups. The testing stage continues until no further user experience issues can be identified. At this stage, our UI design company controls that main usability heuristics are counted (for instance, consistency, system status visibility, error prevention). The same is true for user testing. In addition, depending on the needs, we can count ROI (return on investment). This is about the balance of the income (return) and economy (investment). Positive ROI gives you a green signal to grow.

Support and changes

After all wireframes, mockups, and prototypes are approved, you can get your UI/UX solutions. We hand over all pages and screens with the required elements to our expert frontend developers. They ensure that everything looks exactly as designed. In addition, we can prepare UI Kits for you, so you can get all the elements in addition to the ready interface. With us, you get proactive support at all stages, including coding and deployment of the ready designs or interfaces. We’re ready to fix things, handle the next UI/UX consulting stages, and make UI/UX solutions even better.

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