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As an open-source, server-side runtime environment, Node.js has become the go-to technology for Badgewell to embrace. Unifying, universal and efficient, it allows us to take advantage of concurrency, parallelism, and I/O operations; while years of experience determine our skill in development and implementation of web-servers or other I/O intensive applications using Node.js.

Since inception, Badgewell adopted Node.js as a standard backend development technology that led the company to set up a number of successful projects. Some of them were implemented with Node as the foundation for web backend development only. Yet, the technology is evolving fast and there are other practical reasons for our developers to adopt Node.js now.

Over the last few years, our software engineers have delivered the following projects for which a Node.js development environment was set up:

  • Developing a Learning Experience & Online Education Platform Solution. We have used Node.js to deliver this project, implementing the highly challenging dynamic component-rendering and real-time feeds functionality of the solution with excellent quality.
  • Developing an Employee Experience & Engagement Solution for a Middle Eastern Startup. We have used Node.js to deliver the project and skillfully solved the formidable challenge of developing the application’s complex rendering functionality.
  • Developing an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for a Western Enterprise Customer. We have used Node.js to deliver the project and skillfully solved the formidable challenge of a sophisticated multi-tier security model and a scalable modular functionality that integrates marketing, sales, CRM, operation and finance into a single solution.

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